Saturday, March 14, 2020

Sweet essays

Sweet essays I chose the book Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger because Ive always heard my friend Chanel always saying something about it; like how good it was and how everyone seemed to be asking her if they should read it or not. So, it finally became my turn to ask her. And I decided to ask Chanel because I kept asking Lexie, and I thought it was time for her to take a break from recommending me books. The book is excellent so far, and Im glad Im reading it because this girl is giving this guy some writing tips, similar to the ones Mr. K is teaching us in class. And since we do have 5 writing pieces due this term, its like helping me out with my own writing. And you can never get enough help. But whats even better, is that there are actually pieces from these zing magazines in the book, giving you different types of writing. One I really liked was that there werent really any periods, just once in a while, and it was really caught my attention because you kind of had to guess where the periods went and it would confuse you. It was actually kind of fun! In the book, the guys life is practically falling apart; his moms getting married to some fifty-year old who still lives with his mom, and the guys mom just doesnt seem to want to be with him or even near him. But thats only half of it. Him and his dad dont even talk. And when they do, his father doesnt event think he can handle it, when really hes always been able to handle it. Just imagine, you meaning nothing to your parents except a brat that they have to support, as if you were a mistake. You would feel so alone, so lost, as if you had nothing to live for and you would do anything just to be loved again. You beg that you could have the one special moment again, where you felt that you were part of the family again and you were loved. So I think that the theme is letting it slip. Many kids, especially ...

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